3 Day Water Fast Experience With Leading Health & Wellness Experts To Help You Feel Amazing And Free In Your Body & Mind!

This 3 Day Water Fast is guided by Channele Meliane Amawi, a detox and vitality coach, Tariq EQ Amawi, health and human optimisation coach, alongside the amazing Dr. Baback Amen M.D. MBBS(Hons), FANZCA, plus other guest experts.

Hello there, I'm Channele, a detox and vitality coach and I have done so many fasts and cleanses in my life.
From hundreds of juice cleanses to liver cleanses and intestine cleanses... but a water cleanse is THE most profound cleanse I have ever done.

During these 3 days together, myself, Dr Baback Amen and our expert guests will guide you through how you can safely do a water fast.

Once we've done this together, you will have all the tools you need to go through it yourself in the future, and you can also inspire the people around you to do the same!

Do NOT do fasting if you:
have gout, diabetes (both types 1 and 2), eating disorders, you are pregnant or breastfeeding, and it is not to be done by children and teenagers. Any other medical questions related to the fast can be directed to Channele Meliane Amawi inside our Facebook water fast challenge page.

Our current system has failed us in so many ways. We’re led to believe things like "money is hard to come by", that the way of success is to go to university and get a good job and have 4 weeks off a year and we are led to believe that business is risk. Yet, this is such an outdated paradigm.

Why Do A Water Fast?

A water fast is one of the biggest gifts you can give to your body. There is so much research coming out now about the incredible benefits of fasting.

When we go through a fast, we let the body get a chance to heal, rejuvenate, recover and regenerate itself.

Here are some of the many benefits a water fast can give you:

💧Healthy weight loss
💧Clearer cognitive functions; boosts brain function and ability to focus and think clear
💧 Can lower risk of chronic disease; diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
💧Soothes inflammations
💧Enhance heart health
💧Delays aging
💧Detoxes the cells from unwanted toxins
💧Rejuvenated skin and increased glow
💧Increased levels of energy
  • The complete guide to fasting
  • ​Why fasting is good for your health and keeps your young by spiking human growth hormone
  • Who can benefit from fasting and who won't
  • ​The history of fasting
  • ​Why you should never do a water fast with bottled or tap water and what we recommend instead
  • ​What to expect when you start a fast
  • ​The weightloss effect of fasting
  • How to safely fast
  • ​What goes on inside your body when you fast, autophagy
  • ​Detox tools for a deeper cleanse
  • ​Healing liquid recipes
  • ​What supplements and vitamins will speed up your detox
  • ​Spiritual benefits of fasting
  • ​Emotional cleansing during a fast
  • ​Why following through is important - stick to your commitment!
It was 100 X easier to do a water fast with the support of this group instead of doing it on my own.
I learned a lot about detoxing and experienced amazing clarity and connection with my body at the end of the 3 day water fast.
Will do it again
Much appreciation for your work Channel, Tariq and Dr.Babak
- Judita Koteles
When I first thought about going 3 days with only water, I instantly felt hungry haha so amazing to witness how the mind plays tricks on us!
The level of knowledge, guidance and wisdom we received from Channele Meliane Amawi Tariq EQ Amawi and Baback Amen was mind blowing!
The fast itself, had its tough moments but by day 3, I felt a buzzing of connection to my body that I have never experienced! The uncovering of attachment to food, what the body is capable of and having all the guidance and information we needed to do the fast, as well as phasing out of it was amazing!
- Melanie Kate Patterson
I loved the process so much! The one we did together was a bit challenging with two days of bad headache, but hunger-wise it was a really smooth journey, I’ve fasted with different methods before, but only water fast was actually easier for me and I got very detached to food. I’ve been doing another 3-day water fast and a 7-day one since, and I am forever grateful for all the teachings and the tools you shared with us, I feel fully empowered to go through the fasting on my own
- Ieanah Veronica
I had never done a water fast before because I was scared and unsure of how to do it.
Being supported with all the knowledge was amazing. I learnt so much and felt so supported even doing it a week after the group.
I smashed it too.
It was honestly so much easier than I thought.
My mind was ready.
My body was ready.
My soul was ready.
I feel it will become something I will do regularly now.
Also having the best water in the world to consume, this 100% helped in the detoxification process
- Sharron W Lindley
I love water, but didn't think I'd cope with ONLY water for 3 days. With the help and guidance of this group, it was easy to do and follow. The mentoring through this fast is what helped me most. It felt good doing this fast and I'll continue every 4 months. Thank you team 💙
- Linnel Withers
My first water fast experience in this incredible container of knowledge, expertise and support was amazing. I finished the 3 days and learnt what not to do to have a better experience. Rest - no HIIT exercise and add salt. I have since ran my own group and it was so successful. Many completed the 3 days and me personally did 93hrs and felt the best I have ever felt on Day 4. It was easy this time and connected deeply with myself and how much I desire to continue to uplevel my health by ridding it of all the toxins. I will be ready for another soon as I continue to intermittent fast and release toxins with all my other Biohacks. Thank you for supporting us Channele Meliane Amawi xx
- Kelli X Falla

David 'Avocaldo' Wolfe

David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe is the rock star and Indiana Jones of the superfoods and longevity multiverse. The World’s top CEOs, ambassadors, celebrities, athletes, artists, and the real superheroes of our world—Moms—all look to David for expert advice in health, energy, peak performance, beauty, herbalism, nutrition, and chocolate!

David is the co-developer of one of the world’s leading kitchen appliances: the NutriBullet™. Over the years, his innovative line of superfood, superherb and organic products have transformed healthfood stores and grocery departments all over the world.

His Facebook page and Facebook videos and posts reach millions of people each week around the world with succinct powerful inspirational quotes, news, health information and education. David’s Facebook fan-base is over 12 million strong, making his influence one of the most widely commented, clicked, and shared in the world.

David Wolfe is the President of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF), a nonprofit he founded in 2002. FTPF has planted over 1,000,000 trees and has a mission to plant 18 billion fruit, nut and medicinal trees around the world.

Dr Baback Amen

Dr. Baback Amen is a physician with a relentless passion for applying his medical and scientific training to the study of vitality and longevity promotion.

After graduating with Honours from Monash Medical School, he launched into a highly successful career in the field of cosmetic and anti-aging medicine.

Baback’s professional interests have always placed a strong emphasis on the role of nutrition and intelligent supplementation in cultivating optimal wellness.

He firmly believes that true health can only be attained via a holistic outlook that addresses not only the body, but also the mind and the spirit.

Martin W Ball

Martin W Ball is a coach of over 20 years, especially in the health and wellness industry, who has an incredible passion for sharing his knowledge and experience with people across the globe.

In January 2015 he was introduced to Kangen Water™️ via educational water videos and was amazed at what he saw. He chose to dive deeper into researching water in general and whilst doing so, was concerned about the lack of education provided to people in both the medical and health industry, as well as the general public.

After having a huge positive experience from drinking Kangen Water™️, he took it upon himself to become a public educator about water and hydration, along with the importance of consuming Kangen Water™️. He was invited to Okinawa, Japan to meet and celebrate the Enagic®️ founder’s 76th Birthday, which he describes as ‘a life changing experience’.

Martin has been positively impacting the lives of people all over the world as he shares his passion for Enagic®️, Kangen Water™️ and the benefits of owning your own Enagic®️ ionizer.
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