Free mastermind for coaches who want to understand leveraging multiple streams of income and are ready for massive wealth and impact!
Free webinar for coaches who want to understand leveraging multiple streams of income and are ready for massive wealth and impact!

This Exclusive Mastermind For Coaches Is Lead By
Sue E Raffan, Yaela Raber and Malaine Leah
+ Supported With Interviews From Other High Level Coaches Who Have Chosen To Add More Income Streams To Their Wealth Creation

If you've been in the coaching world for more than a year, you may have noticed that it's actually a beautifully crafted maze of myths and misconceptions that are put in place to confuse new coaches into believing that the coaching world is the bees knees.

And actually, it is a really great industry to be in.

- it's easy to start a coaching business
- there are an abundance of people who need help from coaches
- there's lots of different niches and target markets to choose from
- you get to be paid for your knowledge

But also?

As the coaches you're about to hear from in this webinar + interview series will share with you, it's not all VIP travel and #freedomlifestyle as so many make it out to be!

Here's a little inside knowledge that most coaches don't want their audience knowing about...

The coaches that are making all the moolah, aren't just coaching! A lot of their $$$ comes from other opportunities, investments and side hustles.
"Your purposework as a coach is one of true impact. That impact is severely damaged when you are pressured to perform, produce and create all the time. Having additional wealth revenue streams allow for your purposework to truly thrive"
- Malaine Leah Butler
Our current system has failed us in so many ways. We’re led to believe things like "money is hard to come by", that the way of success is to go to university and get a good job and have 4 weeks off a year and we are led to believe that business is risk. Yet, this is such an outdated paradigm.
We believe that abundance is our birthright and that a life of freedom is the life that everyone gets to live.

In this Webinar + Interview Series, 6 and 7 figure coaches who are heart-centred leaders in The Freedom Era online platform, are going to share some powerful TRUTHS on how to activate and embody freedom in all areas of your life (and be REAL about it)

We are a stand for consciousness and freedom and if you are on the journey to truly living life on your terms with freedom whilst still impacting lives as a heart-centred coach, this is the Webinar for you.

Join Sue E Raffan, Yaela Raber, and Malaine Leah Butler for this Exclusive Coaches Webinar + listen in on interviews with high level coaches such as Regan Anne Hillyer, Espen Livsnyter, Linda Liv Doktar, Maria and Alex Echolls, Allie May, Tammy Jane McKenzie, Kristie X Ord, Karolyn E Zinetti as they share their truth in their coaching experiences and how they chose full alignment over ego.
"I love the relationship that is built between client and coach and it seems a shame for that to end when the contract is over. Supporting their growth, moving forward, comes with a price tag.
Following this paradigm, my coaching relationships don't need to end and I get to support their success, as I grow my own."
- Sue E Raffan

Masterclass Hosted By...

Sue E Raffan

Sue is an Empowerment coach, keynote speaker, trainer and workshop facilitator, focused on helping women to step into their magnificence and become who they have always, deep-down, known themselves to be. Women have been trained to serve before self care and this leaves too many feeling overwhelmed, resentful and personally unfulfilled.

Sue’s empowerment was born from a lifetime of experiences including: moving from South Africa at age 22, choosing to have a double prophylactic mastectomy and hysterectomy, discovering coaching and spirituality and today, she has never felt more WOMAN than ever before!
Sue expanded her message into schools to empower teachers and students to own their power and assert their voice in creating the life that they deeply desire. Personal development cannot begin too early and our youth are our future leaders for tomorrow.
Sue has been a trainer for a Melbourne-based life coaching college for the past six years and sees too many coaches quit their dream of transforming lives, by getting stuck in their own self worth and imposter syndrome. Her mission is to show them an easier way and reignite their fire to be the light for many.

Her motto is: “Life is a Choice” because we create our reality through the choices that we make in every moment.

Yaela Raber

Yaela Raber is a no-nonsense success- and intuitive business coach.

Through her business THE C.E.OHM she helps spiritual entrepreneurs turn their sucks-ess into success, creating a life and business that allows them to be unapologetically ambitious and uncompromising in their quality of life. It’s time to go big AND go home!

At just 36, Yaela already has a multitude of experiences under her belt. From moving abroad to start at university at 16 years of age, to launching, building, running - and selling - a multinational, multimillion-dollar-business built from scratch, her journey has been one of highs and low lows.

She became a mother at 24 whilst also launching her first business, almost faced bankruptcy, moved her family 18,000 km away from her hometown of Amsterdam to the other side of the world in Auckland, New Zealand, navigated the ending of her 15 year marriage and oversaw the corresponding sale of her company.

From falling flat on her face to falling into new opportunities, Yaela has gained expertise most people only get at the end of their careers. She speaks the language of the new generation of entrepreneurs who are facing similar struggles in life and at work. Refreshingly, Yaela serves up her advice on a silver platter of realness; a platter she wished she’d had herself when it mattered most.

Malaine Leah Butler

Malaine supports purpose driven entrepreneurs to pivot & step fully into their purpose work with power, passion & flow. She teaches skill sets in finances & business to give people access to learning how to easily amplify their wealth, increase their income & create a legacy. Her main motto is “live fearlessly in abundance.”
When she is not busy supporting her clients in transforming you can find Malaine in New Zealand chasing after her boys Cam, Jack and Liam or hanging out with her husband Ryan.
Malaine has also been honoured to be featured in places like Elephant Journal, YFS Magazine, Life Coach Magazine, Money Inc, Huff Post, Goddess on the Go Events, Addicted2Success Podcast, Mindbodymusings Podcast, Illuminate Community, Badassery Magazine.

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